Where to learn more, aquaria and aquarium filtration

Aquarium related Web sites.

Fishweb keeps an impressive listing of online aquaria related resources.

Lots of people have been asking for reviews of aquaria filters mentioning the brand names and model numbers.

Check out Todd Zebert's Reef Traders Outpost

Mark Rosenstien maintains the excellent F.I.N.S aquarium Web site which includes several archive sections on aquaium filters.

Jeff Phohl keeps a collection of mostly saltwater aquarium information on his home page.

The Krib aqarium archive, maintained by Erik Olson, is the home of the current aquaria FAQ, plus much more.

The author Albert Thiel keeps a large library of aquaria information online, including the full text to a couple of his reefkeeping books.

The *.aquarium newsgroup old filtration FAQ is kept on the F.I.N.S. archive.

If you haven't yet checked out the Yahoo index of pet fish sites, you should.

Aquaria related homepages, etc..

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