Photos of the Kurths, Stewarts and Fairfields
of Gardena, North Dakota

These are photos from the album of Lois (Stewart) Kurth, now owned by her daughter Jean (Kurth) Lichti the eldest daughter of Alfred and Lois Kurth.

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"Kurth Family 1909"  This is a series of two pictures presumably taken somewhere outside of Gardena, North Dakota. 

(Left to Right all Kurths)  Adelia, Lydia, Walter, Lorenz, Wesley, Arther and Alfred.  \The photo was obviously cut-out and taped back in place possibly because it was one of the few "baby" pictures of Alfred and used elswhere for a while.
"Kurth Family 1909"   (L to R: Top row, boys)  Walter, Alfred, Lorenz, Wesley, Arthur.
(Bottom)  Adelia holding Lydia.

"Stewarts of the 1920s"  Undated photo but likely early 1920s.  (L to R)  George Stewart;  unknown (Mona?);  Bertha  Stewart; Mona (?);  unkown;  Maxine; Lydia; Charles Fairfield; Tilla Fairfield (?); Lorna.

Stewarts and Fairfileds with unknown visitors in the Sandhills, North Dakota, c1927

Inscription on back: Picnicking in Sandhills when Ma's cousins visited from James Town.   (Kahn?)

Top: Charles Fairfield; Tilla Fairfield; Lois Stewart Kurth  holding Jean; Bertha "Ma" Stewart; Corrine (?, cousin of Lois); possible family members of Corrine.
Bottom: Robert Fairfield; Mona Stewart; unknown boy; George "Pa" Stewart; Lorna Fairfiield; Alfred Kurth; plus unknown visitors (Kahn ?)

Kurths in Gardena, North Dakota, c1937: Top (LtoR): Evangeline; Art; Ann; Wesley.
Middle: Lorenz; Walt, Grandpa William Kurth; Lorna; Adelia.
Bottom: Gail and Jean (grandchildren)

Grandpa Kurth with five sons c1937: Lorenz; Arthur; William (father); Wesley; Alfred; Walter
Female Kurths at Gardena house, c1937:  (LtoR) Evangeline; Jean; Gayle; Lois; Ann; Adelia.

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