redcan A history of the Northwest Coast. First person accounts from the European/Indian contact period on the NW Coast.Includes journals from the fur traders, indian prophets, and ethnographers.
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redcan @Pacifica My essay on the City of Pacifica.Including an online resource guide, selected history, photo tour, editorial on the politics, and pointers to other Pacifica related pages. redcan Aquariums! A collection of planted tank tips, with instructions for a yeast CO2 injection. Aquarium filtration. Activated carbon.
redcan Genuine Kwakiutl Indian recipes from NW Coast circa 1914.Ever want to cook a whale, prepare salmon guts, and/or sea slugs? Includes serving tips and etiquette. redcan
redcan Check out...Pat Grantts' NW Coast Indian poetry section.

Try out my recipe for hot carrots & jalapeno peppers.

redcan Personal family photos but some oral history and vintage stuff. This page is maintained by Craig and is meant for family but anyone is welcome.
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