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The Best of Pacifica!
I am collecting together a list of the best places, things, and people in Pacifica. [Want to know who I recommend as an auto mechanic?...] Let me know what your favorite thing about Pacifica is so I can add it to my list.

The Tunnel Website

For the latest you want to know about the Tunnel funding Tunnel Website.

Pacifica's Contra-Connection.

In August 1996, the San Jose Mercury News featured a series of articles about White House sanctioned Crack cocaine traffic, with profits routed to the Contra rebels in Nicaraqua. Allegedly, this was masterminded by ex-Pacifica resident Norwin Meneses.

The man the Nicaraguans call the King of Drugs -- Norwin Meneses -- is a millionaire businessman, an ex-Freedom Fighter and, according to one federal source, a long-time CIA operative. Mercury News photo by Gary Webb 9K JPEG

1323 Oddstad Blvd., Pacifica, Calif. DEA operative Danilo Blandon testified that when he was running drugs for the Nicaraguan Contras, he picked up kilos of cocaine at Norwin Meneses' home on Oddstad Blvd. in Pacifica. Mercury News photo by Jason M. Grow 11K JPEG

Shamrock Ranch, 1953 Jim Evans grew up on Shamrock Ranch in the 50's and 60's. Read his recollections from that time. And... don't miss his photo album.

Pacifica's Natural World June Langhoff and Annie Kook's excellent exploration of Pacifica's abundent natural resources. This is currently Pacifica's best web page, a must see!

Pacificans Care... Dan Goldstein has put together the excellent website Pacificans Care which provides support and reinforcement for key Pacifica people-serving agencies: Pacifica Youth Service Bureau and the City of Pacifica human services agencies: Senior Services, Child Care Services and Resource Center.

The Chamber of Commerce's Sustainable Development Committee. ...had it's first organizational meeting on May 14. Read Mike Vaseys thoughts about sustainable developement in Pacifica. If you're interested, contact Mike Vasey.

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