[City of Pacifica letterhead]                           August 25, 1995

Bruce Hallman
768 Alta Vista
Pacifica, CA 94044-3413

Dear Mr. Hallman,

I appreciate your letter of August 16, 1995 expressing your concerns about a 
notice for a special City Council meeting and your reference to the Brown 

The primary location for the posting of special meetings is at the entrance 
to City Hall.  This location, alone, is sufficient to satisfy notice 
requirements.  Additionally, we do provide notices to other locations as 
time permits, and this usually is completed 24 hours prior to the meeting, 
however these notices are not required.

In this instance I also called the Pacifica Tribune just prior to press time 
on Tuesday, and was able to get them to add the notice.  They also wrote a 
small article about the subject of the notice.

The additional notices are not required by law, however the City Council of 
Pacifica is very concerned that the citizens receive ample notice of 
meetings and not just the required 24 hour period.  However, sometimes the 
time constraints do not permit a lengthy prior notice, so we do the best we 

I appreciate your interest in the use of the internet as a method of 
informing citizens of upcoming meetings.  However I believe the internet 
audience in Pacifica is relatively small in comparision.  We are moving 
towards the increased use of the internet, but with caution as to the amount 
of increased staff time necessary for an on-going program.

Finally, while I appreciate your enthusiasm for the internet and your desire 
to involve the City, I do not feel it is appropriate for you to establish a 
"Pacifica official" list, and to have us contact you for the password.  What 
ever level of participation on the internet we choose, we will insist on 
complete control of the official City of Pacifica entries.

Thank you for your continued interest in the City of Pacifica.  I trust this 
letter provides a better understanding of our efforts to provide adequate 
notice of meetings to our citizens.

[original signed Charles English]
Charles English

cc: City Council, Ed Vandehey]

A copy of the 16AUG95 Hallman=>English letter follows...

August 16, 1995

City Manager Charles English
Pacifica City Hall
170 Santa Maria Ave.
Pacifica, CA 94044

Dear Mr. English,

I am concerned that your notice given for the August 10, 1995 Special City 
Council meeting did not meet the requirement of the Ralph M. Brown Act, 
government code #54956 which states:  "The call and notice (for public 
meetings) shall be posted at least 24 hours prior to the special meeting in 
a location that is freely accessible to members of the public."

Attached is a copy of your notice posted in the Pacifica Main Library, which 
is dated and time stamped by your fax machine at 9:42AM 10AUG95 only 10 
hours prior to the meeting.

The reason that I am writing to you is not to be critical, but rather to 
express my support to you, and to the premise that Pacifica will be better 
with the maximum possible participation of the public in itís local 
government.  To this end, it is important that you give the best possible 
distribution to announcements of all public meetings.  The Brown Act 
provides for "at least 24 hours notice", and earlier and better notice 
should be given whenever possible.

I also strongly recommend that the City distribute announcements of public 
meetings by electronic mail, via an automated mailing list.  For essentially 
no cost, the City could send announcements to a single distribution list 
EMail address which would then instantly broadcast the announcement to all 
people subscribed to the list.  This distribution list could be password 
protected so that mailings could be sent only by an official representative 
of the City.  The list could also be open for the public to subscribe or 
unsubscribe of their own accord without intervention by the City.  The 
software for this type of mailing list already exists, is secure, is easy to 
administer and is free to use.

I would be happy to assist or advise you how to establish a mailing list for 
the City to use to distribute official announcments.  Such a system could be 
established within 24 hours should you give the go ahead.

Very truly yours,

Bruce Hallman