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Alternative Fast Food
Contributed by Robert Hutchinson

Taco Bell *NOT*, I don't think so!

To me and a lot of other Pacificans the best fast food that is uniquely Pacifican is Camelot Fish and Chips in Pacific Manor Shopping Center. Maybe it doesn't have the view like Taco Bell but the food sure is alot better and you can get it to go and watch the sunset anyway. Unlike T.B. Camelot is a one of a kind authentic fish and chips that people come from all over the bay area to eat at. There are even many people that when visiting the area from out of state or out of the country they make sure they pay a visit to Camelot.

Like I said they are authentic and thats because the make their own batter and chips (fries) and use high quality seafood. I am not affiliated with them, I'm just thier #1 customer. They also have a fine selection of English beers. Camelot Fish and Chips a Pacifica Tradition for 30 years!

Best view of Pacifca.

The top of Milagro Ridge.The 360 degree view is simply spectacular from this bluff overlooking central and northern Pacifica. The easiest access is from the top, turn north from the first stoplight as you head east on Sharp Park road, [look for the Milagra Ridge sign]. Parking is limited, but there seems to always be room. Allow about 20 minutes for the easy walk on the narrow paved road from the gate to the overlook site. Don't step on the butterflys! I'm no fan of leash laws, but as Milagra Ridge is the fragile home for two endangered butterfly species please keep to the paths [dogs too!] to avoid harming the eggs and caterpillars.

Where to walk a dog.

I don't know if leash laws apply there, but the beach below the Daly City bluff at the north end of town is an ideal dog walk. Especially at sunset, this is a beautiful and "dog safe" place, isolated from passing cars and people's yards. Access available from the scenic view parking lot below the garbage transfer station. Head north on Palmetto, keeping to the left until the road stops.

Auto mechanic.
Ejnar "Chris" Christensen Auto Repair, 359-0727, 570 Crespi Drive.

A man of few words, Chris Christensen seems to be "semi-retired" and he definately belongs to the old-school of auto mechanics. You have probably seen him working out of his garage next to the community center a block from the beach on Crespi as he has done so, I believe, since before Pacifica was Pacifica. I like him because he is willing to tell you to wait to have it fixed later. Or, when I was considering having my motor rebuilt, he told me, "go to one of the discount rebuilt engine shops, they will be cheaper than me". (!!!) You have an advantage if you can talk about Denmark with this old Dane.

[Honorable mention:] If you prefer a more "mainstream" auto shop, Miller & O'Brien Automobile Service on Francisco Blvd. are competent & honest plus they certify to the dispute review procedures of the CSAAA, which is a nice touch.

Real Estate agent.
Robert Stuckey, Sunrise Realty.
Phone, 359-2315.

Located off of Highway 1 near the Palmreader at Rockaway Beach. We were initially referred to Robert through "word of mouth" by a friend. He acted as our agent in 1992 when we were buying a house in Linda Mar. From beginning to end, I have high praise for him, personally and professionally. In short, this guy earned my confidence and trust. He knows every detail about the history of real estate in Pacifica. I was very impressed with the skill, intuition, and technical expertise he brings to a real estate deal, and should I ever need a real estate agent in the future, he will be the first I call.

Guererro's on Highway 1 near Reina Del Mar.

Choosing a taqueria is obviously a matter of personal taste and style, but Guererro's is cheap and wholesome. I like them just fine. [Honorable mention: El Grande de Oro on Francisco Blvd., who are worth a visit for their super fresh and astonishing cheap tortilla's.]

Fast food.
Taco Bell on Highway 1 at Linda Mar Beach.

Especially at sunset, the view here is pure joy. You can sit outside on the sunny deck, or enjoy the fireplace inside if it is cool and foggy. I especially like the touch of class that they have an "outside window" so you can order from the beach with a dripping wet bathing suit and surfboard in arm. If you order from their new low fat menu, the food here actually qualifies as healthy too!

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