Pacifica's Top Websites!

The Pacifica Tribune.
This is the start of something big. Written by Tribune Editor Chris Hunter. (As if you don't know) the Tribune has been for decades a focal point in our community certain to extend well into our future.

The New Official City of Pacifica Web pages...

Written by City programer Ed Vandehey, contains an excellent City resources section, plus Crime prevention tips.

Current City of Pacifica meeting agendas

If you think it is a good idea that Pacifica City Government begin to take more advantage of online tools, you might let City Manager Charlie English know. In August of 1995, when asked, Mr. English explained that "I believe the internet audience in Pacifica is relatively small" in his August 1995 letter where he explained that he does not want the City to distribute official announcements by email mailing list.

You can send Mr. English email at scenic@sirius.com, which is the email address shared by everyone in City Hall, so include "Dear Mr. English" in the body so that it gets printed on paper and routed to him.

And, if you are curious, here is the old City of Pacifica Web Page.

And, if you are even more curious, here is the City of Pacifica Web Page filtered through the Zippy HTML filter.

Pacifica is home to the excellent Trangender newsletter and website All Together Now, edited by Cindy Martin.

Pacifican Diane Fenster's computer art page, The Attic Window, is the only Pacifica based Web page yet to win the coveted "Cool Site of the Day" award.

On-line Pacifica Restaurant Reviews! Check out this really cool interactive guide to the restaurants in Pacifica. If you have eaten at any Pacifica restaurants, be sure to enter your reviews!

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