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A concise, unofficial guide to the Public Schools in Pacifica.

Here is a listing of the registered daycare centers in Pacifica.

Do you want to know how to legally dispose of Household Hazardous Waste? Batteries, motor oil, latex paint can taken to dropoff points in Pacifica, and other wastes like oil paint & solvents, etc.. need to be taken to the designated San Mateo County Household Hazardous Waste Program drop-off site which rotates around the county each weekend. Learn the schedule and locations for both by calling 363-4718.

Movie showtimes, today at the Seavue Twin movie theater, 520 Palmetto Ave, Pacifica. [And other nearby theaters in Daly City/Burlingame/Colma, etc..]

Pacifica is home to some World Class Fishing, read Tom Stienstra's article.

Real Estate listings in Pacifica

Click here for help preventing domestic violence.

Pacifica's libraries are a great resource, and now it is possible to access their "card catalogue", the "on-line public access catalog" , OPAC.. You can find out if the book you want is currently checked out, or if it is on the shelf. For a small fee, you can place holds on books, and/or get books available at other libraries in San Mateo county transfered to the library nearest to you. How to get there. Jump to the City of Pacifica informational web page about our libraries.

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