A bit of history.

People have lived in Pacifica for at least 5,000 years!
Sadly, the last full blood Ohlone Indian died in 1935. The Ohlone village Pruristac (located near the site of the Sanchez Adobe, in Linda Mar) was a major regional center. The nearest neighboring Ohlone villages were at Half Moon Bay, Yerba Buena (S.F.), and Colma Creek (South San Francisco). If you are curious, here is an account of a typical day in the life at an Ohlone village.
Pacifica was discovered by Europeans first on Halloween day, 1769. Here are excerpts from their diaries ; the first words ever written in Pacifica, as they rested in camp on the shore of San Pedro Creek (near the present day site of Safeway). [Note that, contrary to modern accounts, their diaries attribute the discovery of SF Bay to an earlier explorer from the Manilla trade years, circa 1602.] Five years later in 1774, Father Palou, scouting for a Mission Site, said of San Pedro Valley "if the place had timber, it would be suitable for a mission" [he later choose a site at Yerba Buena Creek in San Francisco, and the rest is history.].
On November 18, 1791, the Indian leader Charquin of the Quiroste tribe of the Ohlonean group, famous for leading the attack on Mission Santa Cruz in 1793, was baptised at the Mission outstation of San Pedro now known as the Adobe Historical Site, on Linda Mar Blvd. Pacifica.
After the California Missions were decommissioned, circa 1830, the Mission Outpost at San Pedro Creek was torn down and rebuilt into the homestead house of the Sanchez Ranchero.
Learn about Townball at the Sanchez Adobe.
Are you curious how Pacifica got it's name?

Pacifica Today!

Click here for a photo essay of Pacifica.
...or want to see a 200k aerial photograph of Pacifica from the south? Same image, but smaller size 16k.

Pacifica Did You Know!...............
...that 61% of Pacificans have college educations?
...that 72% of us drive to work alone?
...that 30% of us leave for work before 7 AM?
...that only 7% of our houses were built before 1950?...and few after 1980?
...and the large majority are worth between $200K and $300K?
...that 65% of us hold "white collar" jobs?
...that we average 2.8 persons per household?
...that 5% of the City is black, and 13% is Asian?
...that our Baby Boom presently peaks at age 38.
...that 6% speak Spanish at home?
...that 86% of us work outside of Pacifica?
Here is a summary of selected demographic information.
Feel like doing your own demographic study of Pacifica? Check out our 1990 US Census data.


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Devil's Slide Bypass

The Red-legged Frog.

A threatened species...
they live in ponds in the path of the Bypass.

  • Whether you are pro, con, or neutral to the question how to repair Highway 1 at the south end of town, what is about to happen will affect you in a big way. If you care about the future of Pacifica, you can learn more. A brief history of the Devil's Slide project, and for the latest info on the Tunnel initiative check out Scott Boyd's awsome Montara Mountain Web site which contains the greatest archive of information about Devil's slide to be found anywhere in one place!
  • The petition drive collected enough signatures to add a Tunnel Initiative to next November's ballot which will amend our coastal plan mandating a tunnel based permanent repair to Highway 1.
  • San Mateo County Supervisor Mary Griffin's pro-Bypass position paper.
  • 56K, View Caltrans' rendering of the proposed Devil's Slide bypass route, across the hillside on the south face of the Linda Mar Valley.
  • A link to my check estimate of the infamous 1986 Caltrans earthwork estimate in MS Excel 5.0 and in MS Excel 4.0 formats.
  • Pacifica is home to at least three endangered species. [The San Bruno Elfin and the Mission Blue butterflies, and the San Francisco Garter Snake.] The California Department of Fish and Game keeps a list of endangered species in San Mateo County.

Speak Out!

Feeling the urge to speak out?

Write a letter. Here is a list of the names and addresses of politicians representing Pacifica who need to hear from you.

Call to Action!
Aircraft noise in Pacifica

Pacifica has recently established an aircraft noise abatement committee, which will be holding meetings on the fourth Thursday of each month at 6 PM in the Community Center on Crespi, all people are encouraged to attend.

As you have probably noticed, San Francisco International Airport has revised their flight paths causing increased aircraft noise levels in Pacifica.

Read these two articles in the online Pacifica Tribune, Flight Plan, and Airport Roundtable Meeting.

You can make a difference!

  • Report noise violations, on the Aircraft Noise complaint hotline at: 876-2219. The FAA requires the S.F. Airport to keep a log of noise complaints. This log is used when they design flight paths to minimize noise pollution. In short, the communities that complain the most, get the best routings.
    The whole process is automated and takes only a couple minutes. So...call often, and encourage your neighbors to call too!

  • Complain directly to the guy who chooses the flight paths, Chuck Weinnum at (510) 273-6005.

  • Encourage our elected representatives, especially Tom Lantos (342-0300) and Quentin Kopp (952-5666) to make the control of aircraft noise in Pacifica a priority.

  • The airport holds a monthly meeting called the Airport Roundtable where they discuss noise impacts to neighboring communities. The communities that don't attend the meetings get stuck with the worst flight paths. All are welcome, the first Wedsnesday of each month, 7:30 P.M. at Millbrae City Hall, 621 Magnolia Avenue.

  • Stay informed! Click here if you would like to receive notices of upcoming events and issues related to aircraft noise in Pacifica.
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