My photo album
Growing up on Shamrock Ranch, in the 1950's
Jim Evans
A picture of me at 9 years, Dana Denman at 6 years old, and her mother Marie on a horse cart. This was taken facing the ranch from Peralta rd. looking at what was then Sun Valley Dairy.

A foggy day looking north across Linda Mar Valley, before the track housing, Sanchez Adobe barely visable through the trees in the upper right hand corner. Peralta Road, and the Shamrock ranch house in the foreground, San Pedro Creek diagonally across in the center.

A year later than the photo above, looking northwest on a sunny day, with the new housing development. Again, Peralta Road in the foreground, the field visible in the lower right was later to become the grade school location.

Aerial photo, from the late 1940's, looking east up what was then called Pedro Valley. Most of the people at that time lived on Pedro Point visible in the foreground.

Circa 1954, looking eastward up the Linda Mar Valley towards the Trout Farm from atop the Shamrock Ranch water tower hill. New houses visible, with the tree lined Pedro Creek running diagonally from mid-left. Montara Mountain can be seen, barely through the fog.

A shot of Pedro Point, taken Sept '56. I hear they have a shopping center now :)

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