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Jim Evans
Standing near Hwy. 1, looking south at the "up valley" end of Shamrock Ranch. Not much changed since this photo was taken in 1953, but the Devil's Slide Bypass would route from right to left across this ridge. Contrast this with the Caltrans rendering of the Bypass routing at this same place. The house I lived in is just barely visible at the left.

Standing on Peralta Road looking north at a very early incarnation of the Linda Mar Shopping Center complex, in 1953. A field of artichokes is visible in the forground.

Businesses in Linda Mar Shopping center at the time of this photo: There was a pharmacy, ice cream store (bananna split $0.50, Large cherry coke $0.10 ) donut shop, Shoe repair, Wells Fargo, camera store, library, and several others. The "big" grocery store in the middle was a Purity Supermarket. It even had AUTOMATIC DOORS. a photo cell arrangement on posts that you walked between....magic...

The other place to buy food (and the only place in 1953) was the Sun Valley Dairy. It was a "convenience store" type place..candy, snacks, bread, bubble gum (2 for a penny) and dairy products real ICE CREAM $0.79 a gallon. I also remember $.05 candy bars and pop. cigarettes in the machine outside were $0.25 and that included a box of matches. The Seavue Theatre....that was a long way away till I got old enough to drive. Sometimes we could talk DeDe's mother (Marie Denman) into driving us on a Sun. afternoon. thats the way I got to see House of Usher Them War of the Worlds etc.

From the Linda Mar shopping center, circa 1972.

Gotta keep that new city vehicle shiny... My uncle, Myrl Evans, an original employee of the City of Pacifica shown taking care of a City truck in the late '50's.

The City of Millbrae in about 1956.

An extreme minus tide at Pedro Point, seldom seen THAT low.

A bobcat shot while attacking us 100 yards from our back door.

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