Date: 05/29/96 06:50:54 AM
From: Mike Vasey (
Subject: Re: Tourists, taxes or commerce

Tim wrote:

>I suggested light, not heavy industry.
>A goal should be to find, engage, and attract a company that meets our needs
>at many levels--low pollution, high revenue, low space utilization, etc.  An
>international investment banking firm would be nice! :>)   Also, such industry
>would (most likely) not compete with current businesses.
>Question for Mike V:  Are the Chamber of Commerce or City Council
>appropriate players to take an active role or develop a plan for this
>P.S.  The thread title should be "Tourist, Taxes or Commerce" to reflect the
>real choices.

Mike Vasey wrote:
First, I'd just like to comment on the idea of light industry. I think the idea has real merit. As I understand it, if a company domeciles in Pacifica, we are entitled to 1% of its gross revenues - which can amount to a lot depending on the size and success of the company. The Bay Area is a center for the high tech industry and I would think Pacifica, with its communications infrastructure, proximity to SF and the airport, and its beauty as a place to live and work, would be an ideal location for a small or mid size company.

One of the most important princples of sustainable development is to promote diversity rather than singular solutions. In this instance, if we could attract small, non-polluting high tech firms as well as build our visitor serving economy and other local businesses which cater to residents, we then have some "buffering" of the economy (i.e. if one kind of business loses steam, another can hopefully pick it up).

So, I think we should entertain all reasonable possibilities and in fact strategically cultivate as much of a diverse economy as can realistically be supported.

Tim also asks whether or not the Chamber and City Council will take an active role in this process. I would say yes, but ultimately I hope many other vital elements in the community will join in. Right now, the Chamber sponsored Sustainable Development Committee has only had a couple of meetings and we're just getting organized. I see this as only a start and one that hopefully will build broader support and involvement by the rest of the community. For that to happen, we'll have to move recommendations through the Chamber, on to the City Council and then, with appropriate public support, policy direction and staff commitment, on to the rest of Pacifica.

Meanwhile, I think these kinds of dialogues are valuable. As noted in the 1996 "President's Report on Sustainability: A New Consensus", what we need is a new way of thinking - one that acknowledges that the evironment, society, and the economy are inextricably linked. Creative ideas seasoned by rational dialogue are the fundamental elements for this new approach to community building.

Mike Vasey