This is the BETA version of the filtration selection guide table, edited out of the *.aquaria FAQ rewrite group filtration article because it is too controversial.<>
created 10FEB95 last updated 05DEC95

  CONTRIBUTED BY Todd Zebert EMail:     We have saved this selection guide for last, because we feel it is   important that you understand the ``whys'' of filtration to make an   intelligent choice.      Rating are (from Best to worse) : Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor, None                Mechanical   Biological  Chemical  Denitrate  Maintenance                ----------   ----------  --------  ---------  -----------Water Changes   Fair(2)      Poor/None   Fair      Good       FairCorner          Fair         Fair        Fair(1)   None       FairUndergravel     Poor(2)      Good        Poor(1)   Poor/None  PoorRFUGF(6)        Poor         Good        None      Poor/None  FairSponge          Poor         Good        None      None       FairSubmersible     Good         Fair        Fair(1)   None       FairPower Filter    Good         Fair        Fair(1)   None       GoodW/D P.F.        Good         Good        Fair(1)   None       GoodCanister(7)     Excellent    Poor        Good(1)   None       Good----W/D Can.        Excellent    Good        Good(1)   None       FairWet/Dry         Poor         Excellent   Good(1)   Fair(5)    Good"Live Rock"     Poor         Good        None      Fair/Good  GoodFF/PS           Good/Excel.  Excell.(4)  Fair(4)   Good(4)    GoodFluid. Bed      None         Excellent   None      None       FairDenitrators     None         None        None      YMMV       PoorAlgae Scrubber   Poor/None    Fair        Poor      Fair       Fair         Notes:     * (1) With GAC, else None     * (2) With regular gravel siphon, else None     * (4) Reduces need for these types of filtration     * (5) With Denitrating "sponge", else None     * (6) Run by a reverse power head with sponge prefilter. Those who       run them from output of canister filters will have different       characteristics.     * (7) Loaded with "standard" media -different media will give it       different characteristics.FF/PS means - Foam Fractionator/Protein Skimmer (known to work best in saltwater, not so well in fresh water, though they are reported to be effectivein Koi ponds.)YMMV means "your mileage may vary"W/D P.F. means - [I think] one of the "biowheel hang on back of tank" filters, to be sure ask Todd.GAC means - gas/granular activated carbon.RFUGF means - Reverse flow undergravel filter.       

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